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NV Concrete & Construction is Reno, Nevada's first choice in excavation, foundation, drilling, concrete superstructure, and site-work contractors. We are on of very few contractors in the area that can break ground on a project and take it through concrete topping out. We have a long history of providing varied services to both public and private clients in the Reno metropolitan area. Check services link for more information.
As both a General Contractor and Subcontractor, we drive projects to completion with quality, budget and progress as our primary goals. We strive to develop long term relationships with clients and help them plan and value engineer future projects in the conceptual phase. We are confident that our experienced team would complement your team and help lead future projects to a successful completion.
NV Concrete understands the dynamic Reno market, the community of available contractors and vendors, and the current costs of construction within this market. We are up to date with labor and material supply within the area and can be of valuable assistance to our clients with constructability review, budget analysis, value engineering, as well as construction management.

Our goal

First andforemost, no matter what the circumstance, we want to provide a safe worksite for your people, our people, and everyone connected to the project. That is the unconditional first priority.

Second, we always strive to do a job that leaves the contractor and end user feeling like we spent additional time and effort in identifying potential problems and making sure the project is done with the best practices we are aware of- from the bid process through the completion of the concrete placement.

Third, is to complete the project in the most efficient way possible from start to finish.

And finally we take pride in knowing that we provided our customer with the best overall value at the completion of a project, even when we were not the lowest initial price.

A little history on Frank Brock President

I grew up in the construction industry - my Father was a concrete contractor- my grandfather was a builder and owned a lumber yard / hardware store. I moved to Reno in Aug of 1977 to build houses with a contractor I had worked with previously and soon made it my home. After working for various contractors in this area I started in business the fall of 1988 with a general contractor's licence and a concrete licence.

Over the years we have built some homes and some commercial buildings, but concrete contracting has been the mainstay of our construction over the last almost 30 years.

My two most important rules of business
Hire people you like and trust - It's a huge benefit to get to work with your friends, especially since you're going to spend a lot of time together. Treat people the way you want to be treated - that's true about employees and customers. All the success I have enjoyed I have to give most of the credit to my Partners. Partners In business - all of you here at NV Concrete. Partners In life - my wife , kids, all family and friends. Partners In faith- Jesus Christ

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